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Vayeghan Litigation provides free consultation to individuals facing criminal charges. A lawyer from the Firm will personally speak with you to learn about the situation that you are facing. 

Recognizing the unique nature of each individual and legal case, you will receive personalized attention, not generic treatment. You will be provided with preliminary advice on how to proceed as well as your available options. At the conclusion of the consultation, you’ll be informed of precise legal fees for your case.

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Retaining Vayeghan Litigation

The retainer fee is an upfront cost that you pay to secure our legal services at Vayeghan Litigation. It’s like a deposit, confirming that Mr. Vayeghan or a member of our legal team is committed to working on your case.
When you decide to hire us, we’ll outline the retainer fee in a Retainer Agreement. This contract ensures that both you and our law firm understand the commitment to your legal matter. It’s a straightforward step that sets the foundation for our professional relationship.
After the retainer fee is paid, our team is all set to start working on your case to defend your rights within the Canadian legal system.

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Early Plea or Trial

Mr. Vayeghan and his team understand the immense pressure of facing criminal charges. Our law firm often engages in initial dialogues with Crown Prosecutors to discuss early non-trial resolutions, like “plea deals”, or even the potential for charges to be dismissed entirely.

Many clients have appreciated and benefited from these early case resolutions, which saves both time and money. However, when a favorable plea isn’t viable, a trial may emerge as the best course of action.

Leveraging his background as a former Crown Prosecutor, Mr. Vayeghan possesses a unique perspective on plea deal negotiations. He capitalizes on this background to secure the most beneficial outcomes for his clients, always striving to minimize costs without sacrificing the quality of defense.

Upon a meticulous examination of your case, potential plea options, and in line with your preferences, Mr. Vayeghan will present the best defense strategy and its related fees.

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Fixed Fee

Mr. Vayeghan may recommend a fixed fee retainer based on your case’s requirements, ensuring clarity on upcoming legal costs. This fee encompasses all expenses until your case’s resolution. 

Similar to many Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Vayeghan utilizes a fixed fee structure rather than billing by the hour. This means that a single, predetermined amount covers all expenses related to Mr. Vayeghan’s handling of your case, beginning from the moment he is retained until the conclusion of your matter.

To determine the specific fee for representing a client, Mr. Vayeghan takes into account various factors, including the severity, complexity, and nature of the criminal charges involved. This process is highly individualized and involves a thorough examination of police reports, consultations with the client, research of relevant case law, and discussions with the Crown and/or law enforcement. Once Mr. Vayeghan has a comprehensive understanding of the client’s case and receives their instructions on how to proceed, he will openly discuss the precise legal fee. This transparency allows the client to make an informed decision, knowing the exact cost of Mr. Vayeghan’s representation.

Importantly, there are no concealed expenses or additional charges associated with the fixed fee. It covers all aspects of Mr. Vayeghan’s direct involvement in the case, encompassing court appearances, client meetings, communication, documentation, legal research, trial preparation, correspondence with the Crown and/or law enforcement, as well as the involvement of associates or other staff. Exceptions to this comprehensive coverage, such as out-of-town travel, counseling, expert reports, and interpreter services for client meetings, are explicitly outlined in the Fixed Fee Agreement.

We believe that our fixed fee system is often more advantageous to our clients. Our firm’s fixed fee system offers transparency and often benefits clients more than typical hourly rates. With us, you’re informed upfront about the full cost, ensuring no hidden charges and a consistent cap on your legal expenses. The fee’s magnitude largely rests on your case’s difficulty: straightforward cases demand less legal fees, while complex ones usually command higher fees.

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Payment Plans

Mr. Vayeghan is dedicated to defending those facing criminal charges. He is a staunch believer in universal access to justice. Accordingly, Vayeghan Litigation is often able to offer its clients flexible monthly payment plans to alleviate the financial strains of navigating the criminal court system.

Payment Method

For your convenience, Vayeghan Litigation accepts payments through certified cheque or bank draft, wire transfer, Interac e-transfer, and various major Credit Cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

Extradition Clients

Please note that because of the unique nature of extradition proceedings, a separate fee arrangement exists for clients facing extradition. For more information, please contact Mr. Vayeghan directly to discuss your extradition case.

Immigration & Asylum

At Vayeghan Litigation, we take pride in offering experienced legal services to individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. Understanding the financial challenges you may face, we strive to create a fee structure that aligns with your financial situation, including the option of manageable monthly payment plans.
For refugee and immigration matters, our fees are set on a fixed or flat fee basis. Following an initial consultation, our immigration attorneys will determine a single fee to cover all legal services from start to finish.
The fixed fee we propose will be tailored to the specifics of your case, considering factors like complexity and the number of family members in your immigration claim. Simpler situations will incur lower fees, while more complex cases will naturally require a higher fee.
Our fixed fee arrangement is designed with your best interests in mind, eliminating the uncertainty that comes with hourly billing. You’ll have the clarity of knowing the total cost upfront, ensuring there are no surprises or hidden costs. With this approach, you can rest assured that the legal expenses for your case are capped at the agreed-upon amount, allowing you to focus on your new life in Canada without financial uncertainty looming over your legal journey.

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